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if one robs a bank in their own neighbourhood - but hurts no one, should that person be severely punished? obviously, robbing a bank is a federal crime, still - should justice reign hard on that individual? what if it were a number of banks and no one was hurt - scared shitless, maybe, but not hurt? what then?
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i dont think they should be severely punished, but i believe that the punishment should fit the crime.
how so? life time imprisonment? i find that would be a little harsh. sure, the fbi would have a fit because the person hadn't been caught - but is the justice system different for women and men? or is everyone tried equal?
thanx for answering.
You do the crime you do the time...I believe that robbing a bank or a number of banks should be punished accordingly...if someone is hurt or killed than it moves into a different now have two different crimes....each being punished accordingly.....therefore have a consequence fit each crime fairly
hmmm... ok, i can see that.