~Sunset Gun (xxshangrilaxx) wrote in crimedebate187,
~Sunset Gun

Sexual Offenders

Do you think that sexual offenders should be made to register in the public awareness programs, such as Megan's Law, to noitfy the public of there residings? Many states are ruling in court that programs like these are "un-constitutial" and that they are infringing upon the rights of sexual offenders.(With i think in itself is an oxymoron). It is a fact that sexual offenses, such as rape, incest, and molestation, has a 41% repetition rate, therefore, these people are obviously not changing through the prison system and need mental help, which they do not recieve. So, shouldn't the public be informed when one of these monsters settle themselves in their neighborhood, where the children may be at risk? Now don't get me wrong, I realize that "some" of offenders may change while in prison, and hey, if they dont do anything ever again, then more power to them, and after there probation, then maybe they can be taken off the registry, but far too many of them simply do not change. What do you all think??
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