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"i didn't want to hurt them, i only wanted to kill them."

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This commmunity is for people with interests in anything crime. This is mainly a place for debate, however, stories, information, facts, and breaking news about criminal occurances are also welcome. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • homicide

  • suicide

  • genocide

  • rape

  • buglary

  • forensic science

  • serial killers

  • Rules:

    1. Do not come here to manifest your deep desires to kill or rape anyone or to commit any other crime. I will report it and delete it immediately.

    2. Keep profanity off the main board for the consideration of the other memebers. Either hide it behind a tag, censor it, or just don't use it at all.

    3. I do not care who offends who. This place is going to be as brutal as you all want it to be. However, try to be mature about it and avoid low blows, because then you just look like an asshole.

    4. I want this to be more of a debate than anything. So try to post things that people can openly respond to. Do not disallow comments or your post will be deleted.

    5. If you want to come here and explain why you think Ted Bundy was such a nice guy, be prepared to defend yourself and duck from the on-coming left-hooks.

    6. Please try to keep politics far away from your topics. I hate discussing them.

    7. Use your imagination. Be thoughtful. Try to post some thought-provoking posts.

    8. Any form of entertainment (movies, books, tv) concerning any type of crime is up for discussion.